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Hello there internet people! I am Jamie but really I'm skzyp or This is Broad Gamer and this is where I show, share and sometimes suck at the games I love. I love video games and board games and thus I consider myself a broad gamer. The fact that I am also of the female variety plays right into the idea behind Broad Gamer as well.

I've loved playing games since 1996 with my first home console, the original Playstation. Video games and board games have been a huge part of my life ever since. I started this idea of Broad Gamer so that I can share one of the things I love and talk about them from my own unique perspective.  I play a lot of off the wall or unconventional games. I love a good puzzle, story driven single player, FPS, indie artsy, RPG, skateboarding, music based, VR or trivia games. Basically I play a little bit of everything.  I dabble in various board games, table top games but primarily play console at the moment. This is what I play, this is what I enjoy. Thank you for taking the time to check it out. 

I intend to have a dedicated day for streaming weekly (at first) and will be working on some let's plays for upload. This is just in the experimental beginning stages of a streaming/video game website and channel. I thank you again for your time and for checking it out. Hope to see you around!